Progress on Projects

I was off this past week to work on fencing and other projects. So far, I’ve removed the old dishwasher and installed the new one. It leaks a bit, a drop at a time, where I had to use multiple fittings to connect the standard plumbing to the mobile home plumbing. I tried attaching them twice, the second time adding more teflon tape and putting on each fitting one at a time. I think I will leave the drip-drip-drip leak for a plumber to fix; I was afraid of breaking the plastic mobile home fitting and not being able to shut off the water under the sink at all. I took the old dishwasher to the dump.

I’ve installed 8 fence posts by hand, including 2 brace beams across 4 of them. That completes the posts in the section behind the shed/barn and across the creek. I will have to wait for dryer days to actually run the field fence since I will have to block off the lean-to shelter to run the fencing. I had bought the one-man auger, but returned it without trying it. I looked at the instructions and you had to hold the throttle down with your right hand while pulling the string start with your left. I assumed that my left arm would not be strong enough to start it (and I couldn’t find the little bottle of 2-cycle engine oil I thought I had bought anyway).

I finished the end wall on the expanded coop and have put on roofing for that section. I bought the pressure treated 2×4 to make the next section of higher wall.

We are supposed to have a guy coming tomorrow before work to look at all of the pigs. He may buy the entire bunch! He’s fine with the price of $700 for all 12 piglets and I’ve priced the adults at $200/each. That would get me $1500 if he buys everything! Please, please!

This time included running errands, to buy equipment, trash things, return things. We also went to the Science Museum in Roanoke yesterday. Entrance was free because it was the last day of the VA Science Festival that had activities from Roanoke down to Blacksburg over the past week.When I look at it all typed out, I guess I did OK this week!

What are you working on?

* Pics coming as soon as the rain lets up!

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Ear Infection?

I have a mild cold going on right – some congestion, mild coughing from the drainage, and my ears feel kind of plugged. In the case of my right ear, more plugging than usual. I’m also having some discomfort/mild pain in my right ear.

My right ear has been feeling plugged for a while now, as in several years. I went to an ENT several years ago and was told that he didn’t see any sign of a tumor and my cardiologist did a carotid sonogram on both sides and didn’t see anything either.

Unfortunately, the right side gets more congested every time I have a cold. I’ve started to wonder if maybe I have a chronic ear infection or maybe a chronic sinus infection.

Last week, I had an episode on that ear of sudden deafness, followed by tinnitus, and the return of hearing in that ear. I have since found out that that can be kind of an emergency (as in trying to save your hearing, not immediately life threatening). I have gotten my medical records from the previous ENT and will be calling a local ENT this Monday.

I’m hoping that the pain in my right ear indicates nothing more serious than an ear infection and that it can be easily treated. Since the CDC says that many ear infections get better without antibiotic treatment, I’m hopeful of finding something at home that will help quickly. In the meantime, I’m going to look into home remedies for ear infections. Anyone have any tried-and-successful tips?

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I DID IT! Dishwasher Dreams…

I removed our old dishwasher and installed a new one by myself! Happy Dance!! Sweet Baby helped by holding a piece of yarn that I had tied to the power cord so we could get it out through the cabinet wall.

We currently have a double-wide and I had to first cut off some of the old water intake pipe and take that to Lowe’s to buy fittings. I had to buy two additional pieces to get the standard dishwasher intake pipe to fit the old mobile home plumbing. The first time I hooked them all together and ran water through the pipe (to flush out any particles that might clog the inlet screen on the dishwasher), it leaked. I took everything back apart, took off the teflon tape, retaped the fittings using a little more tape this time and put the fittings on one at a time. Viola! No leaks!

I put a pan under the fittings under the sink just in case and ran a load this morning. It worked great!

I got the Whirlpool model W10435040C at Home Depot. The “eco” cycle is really quiet. You could barely hear it if you left the kitchen and it really was not loud even while standing in the kitchen. I can’t speak to the other cycles yet, but I was really happy with the “eco” cycle’s volume and the cleanliness of the dishes. However, we don’t have a food disposal so I did get the food off the dishes before washing them. I may try doing that a little less just to see how well the filters work.


I’m so excited! We haven’t had a working dishwasher since we moved here. Finally, a visit from the dishes fairy! Finally, I’ll be able to catch up on dishes. I love my dishwasher!

EDIT: OK, it leaks a little, a drop at a time. I’ll wait until I have the money and then have a plumber come fix it. I was afraid that I would break the plastic mobile home fitting under the sink and then wouldn’t be able to stop water from gushing out!

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Choices and Regret

The choices we make are what define us. I have come to regret many of mine, but what does that regret offer me? Nothing but a deep well of self-pity and self-loathing. I’m tired of making the wrong choice. I’m tired of not controlling my impulse purchases. I’m tired spending both my money and my time impulsively. So, my plan is to make a plan.

For the first time in my life, I’m going to think about where I want to be in my life in 10 years, write it down, where do I want to be in 5 years, write it down, where do I want to be in 1 year, write it down, where do I want to be in 6 months, write it down, and break it down to monthly milestones, weekly check-ins, and daily steps.

I plan on posting my plan here. I’m not sure how quickly I’ll get it all down on paper/computer, but I’m determined.

As the engraving on my daughter’s ring says, “Be brave. Love life.”

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Some Quotes I Like

I had a calendar a couple of years ago called “Wild Words from Wild Women” that had some really insightful sayings. I saved three of my favorites.

My hands-down favorite:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” – Marianne Williamson, creator of A Course in Miracles

My second favorite:

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” – Sue Parton, smarty pants (I have no idea what they meant by this?!)

The third one that I saved:

“Unfortunately, sometimes people don’t hear you until you scream.” – Stefanie Powers, screen presence

Ain’t that the truth?!

I will randomly include other good quotes that I come across as I find them. Add some of your favorites below!

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Peanut Baby – Taken From Us Too Early – July 22, 2014

Our australian shepherd, Peanut, was taken from us at the age of 7 years, 3 months by a hemangiosarcoma on her heart that ruptured. She laid down in the crate about 1:45 PM and started breathing weird about 2:05. I told her to move her head. A few minutes later, I noticed that she was still breathing weird and went over to move her head, talking to her as I walked over. When I moved her head, instead of picking up her head and moving, it was just a weight in my hand. I saw that her gums and tongue were blue and she was unresponsive. I pulled the entire dog bed out of the crate to get to her and held her in my arms on my lap as she died. It was horrible. Just horrible. At least we were home and knew what happened, though.

002 013 054 IMG_4946

Peanut was our Omega dog, always wondering if she was really allowed to be part of our pack, joyous at having someone pet her, to let her feel loved and accepted. Her greatest joy was to feel that she was one of us. I hope that she knew that at the end.

We’ll miss you forever, Peanut Baby. Who’s a good rug?

AKC registered RF Peanut, born April 12, 2007, died July 22, 2014

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My Resources for Getting Better.

So I thought I would actually share what I’m using to try to get better – emotionally, mentally, and physically. A lot of my physical issues are either caused by or aggravated by my emotional/mental baggage, so that’s what I’m dealing with first.

I’m using two workbooks – Mind-Body Workbook for PTSD by Stanley H. Block and The PTSD Workbook by Mary Beth Williams, PhD, LCSW, CTS, and, Soili Poijula, PhD . These are intended to be used daily, but I’m OK for now working on them a few times a week (sometimes Sweet Baby wakes up too early and I don’t get my “take care of mommy” time). It is what it is. :-)

The Mind-Body Workbook for PTSD is very focused on body sensation and relearning how to use your senses, at least in the beginning. I do OK so far using hearing and sight, though it takes a lot of concentration to use sight effectively. I can’t do it for very long yet. You have to really pay attention to what you’re looking at, noticing the textures, colors, and shapes of what you’re seeing. After spending a life-time working on NOT seeing things that are going on around me, it’s really a challenge to actually learn to pay attention!

It’s also really hard for me to use touch. It’s too much. Too stimulating. I can tolerate paying attention to touch for only a few seconds before I have to shut it out again. I have to practice…

In The PTSD Workbook, I’m still working on a safe place. This book is spending a lot of time working on coming up with both a physical safe place and a mental safe place to use when you are out someplace away from your physical safe place. I think I’ve got the mental safe place down, but I have a really hard time figuring out an actual physical safe place. How can you be safe when you worry about things like sink holes and tornadoes in addition to other, more-common fears? So I’m having a real problem figuring out where my safe place could be.

Another thing I have started using is affirmations. I’m currently working through You Can Heal Your Life by Louis Hay. I’ve been going through the list of affirmations and associated body symptoms in the back of the book and making a list (a long list!). I go through them in front of a mirror like she says to do, but I also do EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) at the same time. I’m hoping that doing the tapping at the same time will help speed up the integration of the affirmations into my subconscious. I also have started using the script for procrastination out of the book and can already tell a difference in how much I’m getting done!

For the EFT, I have several programs by Carol Look and really like her material. I also have come to like Brad Yates and he has a TON of material on youtube. However, as there are only so many hours in the day, I’m currently stalled on doing other EFT beyond the affirmation work. As I get closer to using my ideal schedule (already worked out, but not getting used yet), I’ll be able to add in more EFT, yoga several evenings a week, maybe EMDR once a week, and weekly martial arts practice.

Am I missing anything? What else do you do? Let me know!

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Look What the Easter Bunny Brought Us!

Or, I should say, the Easter Goat! Emma does it again, making delivery seem easy. Three new kids born on Easter morning – Oreo, Gingersnap, and Chocolate.

Orea on the left, Gingersnap in the middle, Chocolate on the right

Oreo on the left, Gingersnap in the middle, Chocolate on the right

Oreo is the littlest. She has blue eyes and is polled.

Gingersnap is the largest. She has brown eyes and is polled.

Unfortunately, we went out of town overnight for the holiday and Chocolate was dead upon our return. We think that maybe he got too cold. It apparently went down to 39; I had forgotten to check the overnight temperature before we left. We would have cancelled our trip if I had realized it was going to get that cold.

Since then, Emma and her kids spend every night in the make-shift stall in the shed we’re converting into a barn just for the kids and moms. It’s a 12′ x 24′ shed and already has electricity. We’re going to gut it and put in 4 4′ x 6′ stalls with removable partitions between as many as possible (depending on the final design), a milking stand, and hopefully some storage. It would be great to be able to store some hay in it during the winter so I’m not having to schlep it back there in the snow.

During the day, Emma and her kids spend their time going between the run-in stall and a temporary pen where Emma can get some grass without feeling like she has to charge every doe that comes close to her babies. She’s a very good mom!

More baby pics soon!


UPDATE: At three weeks, Oreo has popped out horn buds. The vet is coming out next week to disbud her and to test our herd for Johnes, CL, and CAE.

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