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Sarah and Bunneh

Sarah and Bunneh

My name is Sarah and I am a divorced, single mom. I had wanted to live a more simple, rural life before my divorce. Restarting during the divorce gave me the opportunity to move to a rural area in between my ex-husband and my father (and all his extended family). Having gotten into a traditional food lifestyle at that point, I looked for property where I would be able to raise as much of our own food as possible. Little did I know how that would turn out…

We homeschool and homestead. Oh, yeah! We’re also vegan! Yes, we have livestock, mostly left over from our traditional food time, but now they have other jobs!

Living on our homestead allows us to become more self-sufficient, get away from the traffic and hustle-bustle of the city, and be better able to handle many emergencies.

Let’s learn together as we work to:

  • see how being single and/or vegan affects our homesteading
  • learn more about permaculture and sustainable agriculture
  • homeschool different stages and in different ways
  • emergency preparedness
  • home renovation/organization
  • homestead projects
  • vegan meal plans on a budget
  • get out of debt and get control of our finances
  • and as much natural health care as I can manage
  • Guest posts from my daughter, Kaida, who will be posting about her experiences with guinea pigs, drawing (her passion), and whatever else she decides.

We can never get it all done, but we can make progress every day.

Let’s get to it!