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Day 2 Daily Challenge Wrap-up

Day 2 of the restarted challenges.

I think I will try to put aside some time pretty soon to work on yearly goals, break them down into monthly goals, and try to break them into weekly goals. I’m not sure about trying to break them down into daily goals. I’ve never done this type of planning before. Anyone out there tried it?

 90-day Attracting Abundance Challenge

I did not get to either Attracting Abundance with EFT or Money Beyond Belief.

90-day EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Challenge

I did not get to either “The Vibration of Exceptional Health” or Drop the Drama. I listened to the next section of the Eliminate Procrastination program. It was just an introduction to tapping, it’s history, use at your own risk, etc.

90-day Daily Exercise Challenge

I thought about switching my weight lifting from today to tomorrow since I knew that I would be moving so much wood today, but I decided that it would set a bad precedent for not making myself stay on track. I did, however, maintain the weights I was already using instead of going any heavier. Speaking of heavier, Santa Claus brought me 8 lb and 10 lb neoprene weights. Loving it!

90-day Blog Challenge

I posted! Yeah! Seriously, much of the day was spent outside lugging wood and my body is killing me.

90-day Play With Sweet Baby Challenge

We played Minecraft. We are working on buildings that we started a few days ago. Sweet Baby is building a resort. I’m working on a multistory castle.

90-day Home(stead) Improvement Challenge

I got just about all of the frames up today. Let me tell you, repeatedly bending down to screw frames together, carrying boards, and then lifting the frames off the ground and moving them into position on your own is hard. I got Sweet Baby to help me hold frames in place while I secured them and I had to have her help me move the front frame. It has two additional boards since it will have a door put on. This is how far I got today.


This is the back wall. The vertical posts are 6′, making the entire frame 6’3″. The piece at the end has plywood all the way up to the top. The other 2 8′ long sections and the 7.5′ section still need to have the top portion cut to fit.

The front:




The short section on the right is the original chicken run attached to the coop so they could get out into the air before I let them out each day. I added the plywood along the bottom because stupid chicken wire rusts out and other animals got in–pigs and goats in the back going after the chicken’s feed, and Moli (our Jack Russell terrier) going through the front trying to get to old duck eggs. Also, I heard barking up on the hill behind us, a corn field, just at sundown and thought that maybe a coyote(s) was moving through. Better safe than sorry! All the baby goats and their mamas are locked up safe in the barn.

The coop is built around a small greenhouse to allow more light into the chicken coop all year.

90-day Get A Routine Challenge

I went to bed last night about 10:30 and woke up at about 5:50 AM because Lily knocked something over and it made a big “BANG.” I tried to go back to sleep since my alarm was set for 7:15, but was unable to go back to sleep. I used part of that time to do my daily meditation. I took about 25 minutes to get out into the house. I have that planned at only 15 minutes on the schedule so I need to work on getting faster. Not trying to read the news as soon as I wake up will help with that!

Day 1 Daily Challenge Wrap-up

I decided to start over on my daily challenges because of traveling and the holidays taking out over a week’s time and not really having the opportunity to write much. Besides, what’s a New Year’s without some resolutions?

I will put all of the challenge updates on a single post instead of seven different ones. I think it will be a little easier to stay on top of this way.

 90-day Attracting Abundance Challenge

Today, I did tapping for feeling guilty for wanting more using the Attracting Abundance with EFT program. I was kind of surprised how strong this is, but it makes sense. Who wasn’t told that they were good boys and girls for sharing even when they didn’t want to? After all, the pie’s only so big and someone gets less if I get more, right? So I got this to go from a SUDS level of 9 down to a 3.

I tapped on not being worthy of having more money (more anything?) with Money Beyond Belief. Yikes! I went from a SUDS of 9 down to a 5. There must be more to this one trapped in me somewhere. Luckily, we’re tapping on not being good enough tomorrow!

90-day EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Challenge

I tapped on why and when my symptoms started using “The Vibration of Exceptional Health.” I had a doctor who pointed out that my symptoms really began after I got married. I knew I had issues with a certain type of anxiety before getting married, but it got worse. It did not help that 9/11 happened the year after I got married. That time period was kind of personal for me–relatives of family friends were on the plane that crashed in PA, a close relative worked at the major regional post office transfer station that feeds DC and had to go on Cipro, and I worked about 1 block west and 2 blocks north of where the first sniper shooting happened in Rockville/Bethesda, MD. My first panic attack was 2 days after the small plane ran into a building in Florida in December 2001, but I was already having symptoms of fibromyalgia before then. I think the one of the unconscious needs that my FMS symptoms were trying to fill was an effort to get my new husband to actually behave as though he gave a rat’s behind about me. I’m not sure how to word that. There’s no conscious decision to have the symptoms, but if you have to look for what was going on at the time they occurred, what would be the upside of having them, what would be the downside of letting them go, etc., that was the only thing I could come up with.

I tapped on being afraid of facing who I am without the drama in Drop the Drama. This could be a biggy. Who are you if you don’t have the daily drama? Are you still important? Do you still matter to the people around you? Will you just fade into the woodwork behind you if you stop engaging in drama with those around you? I started at a SUDS of 9 and think I went down to about a 5. I may do this one again.

I got Carol Look’s Eliminate Procrastination program and listened to the first two sections, which talk about the various reasons for procrastination and how they fit into four broad categories.

90-day Daily Exercise Challenge

I’m changing up the schedule. I decided that I want to do all of the weight lifting exercises together on one day, but do them twice a week. So here’s the revised schedule:


  • meditation, at least 5 minutes, working up to 15 minutes
  • rebounder, at least 5 minutes, working up to 15 minutes

Monday: walking on the treadmill for now. I will switch to High Intensity Interval Training as my conditioning improves (and after I get a bike stand to be able to do it on the bike in the house; this is the one I’ve asked Santa for for Christmas as it was pretty inexpensive).

Tuesday: weights lifting. I currently have neoprene weights in 2 lbs, 3 lbs, and 5 lbs. I use canned vegetables for 1 lb weights. I’ve asked Santa for some heavier weights. We’ll see if he delivers.

Wednesday: walking on the treadmill. This will stay just walking. The plan is to maintain it at 20 minutes per day and increase the maximum speed. Right now my maximum speed is 3.0 mph, but I noticed that it was easier yesterday. Progress!

Thursday: a repeat of Monday–currently walking on the treadmill, switching to HIIT as I can.

Friday: back to weights

Saturday: walking on the treadmill

Sunday: walking on the treadmill

So for today I meditated for about 5 minutes, repeating “perfect health” on the inhale. I also did the rebounder for 6 minutes and walked on the treadmill for 20.

90-day Blog Challenge

I finished updating all of the links for Carol Look; she moved her website. I also got a book at the library on WordPress. I’m hoping to actually start reading it any day now!

90-day Play With Sweet Baby Challenge

We played some Minecraft. Sweet Baby entered the seed “911” because it has a decent expanse of grassland. On Christmas, PS3 players were blessed with an update that included horses, which only spawn on grasslands. For anyone looking for a more well-rounded playing experience, most of the rest of the world is ice.

Yesterday (I’ll include it here since I didn’t do a post), we played with Sweet Baby’s new Calico Critters additions that she got for Christmas. She got the supermarket, elementary school, school bus, and doctor’s office. She already had the townhouse, cozy cottage, large tree house, and small tree house.

90-day Home(stead) Improvement Challenge

I killed it! First, I put together a slapdash stall for Chelsea and Scotch (Butterscotch).

Slapdash Stall 1Chelsea and Scotch in Slapdash Stall 2

Scotch was born on 12/19. This was what I had built by 12/23 (I had to put Chelsea and Scotch in the run-in stall and Emma in the barn stall).



Emma had her babies on 12/25–Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, and Vixen. Separate posts for the babies coming soon!

This is where I’m at now with the stalls on the barn/shed remodel.

2 Large Stalls

My next big remodel is the chicken coop. I’ve already started, but this is where I’m at this afternoon. Originally, we only had five chickens and I was building small and cheap. It was 4′ in the front and 3.5′ in the back. It’s going to be 6’3″ in the back and 6’9″ in the front now. I will run some 2″ x 8″ or 2″ x 6″ in all doorways so that I can have deeper bedding. I’ll have to put steps in front so that the ducks can get in and out. Those are the incredibly loud and annoying guineas in the picture.



90-day Get A Routine Challenge

Still working on getting to bed earlier and waking up earlier, but I did go through our homeschool schedule and our hoped-for daily schedule and found that they didn’t match. I’ve redone them both and got them lined up. Now I just need to get some contact paper so that I can print them and hang them up. I use a grid for the homeschool so that we can use a dry erase marker and mark off each subject on whatever days it’s on, since not all subjects are on all days.

Woo-hoo! I feel like I’m rocking!

Introducing Lily!

We adopted Lily on December 14, 2014 from the Eastern Herding Dog Rescue in Richmond, VA. She is 2 years old and they think she is a mix of shepherd and border collie. So far, she’s a sweetie!




I think she’ll do great after she gets over being interested in the birds. She’s already on sniffing terms with the pigs and some of the goats (as long as she’s on her side of the fence). The birds, however, have decided that she’s demon spawn and go insane trying to get away from her so she’s leashed when we go out for now.

Day 19-21 Daily Challenge Wrap-up

I’ve decided to put all of the challenge updates on a single post instead of seven different ones. I wanted to try it because it’ll save me time when setting up each post.

 90-day Attracting Abundance Challenge

Today, I did not tap using the Attracting Abundance with EFT program from day 19 to 21.

I did tap to Money Beyond Belief on day 19 on the belief of having to work hard for money. It makes sense that you would have to work, but how hard is the question.

90-day EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Challenge

I did not tap in either “The Vibration of Exceptional Health” or Drop the Drama. I instead tapped on procrastination. I was driving alone in the car so I really raised my voice. I was shouting at myself while I was tapping. I’m going to start Carol Look’s Eliminate Procrastination.

90-day Daily Exercise Challenge

On day 19, my exercise was unloading and putting away 600 lbs of feed.

I used day 20 as a resting day. I literally did not go to bed until almost 2 AM last night and I was exhausted.

Day 21 I did 5 minutes on the rebounder, but did not walk on the treadmill. I spent my treadmill time walking Lily. I did 4 rounds of 12 repetitions each of peeing dog lifts and kickbacks (hamstrings).

I meditated for about 6 minutes, repeating “perfect health” on the inhale, and imagining white light moving up my body from the ground.

90-day Blog Challenge

Nothing for days 19 and 20. I had to go back and start redoing some links due to Carol Look moving to a new website. I started this on day 21 and hope to finish day 22.

90-day Play With Sweet Baby Challenge

We played a LOT of Minecraft on day 19. Sweet Baby let me pick since I was having a resting day and we played survival mode for about 2 hours. For anyone playing on the PS3, “castle” is a decent seed. There are two villages, both in deserts.

90-day Home(stead) Improvement Challenge

Day 19 I stayed up and built a makeshift stall for Chelsea and her new baby. We’ve decided to name him Butterscotch and call him Scotch for short. Photos on his own post!

Day 20 was a resting day. I don’t remember doing much besides laying around. Oh, yeah! I measure the spaces for the stalls in the barn. Construction will hopefully begin Monday!

Day 21 and I cleaned off the main kitchen counter, usually a catch-all area. I took out a bag of donations to the car. I put recycling in the car to drop off. I planned all of the shopping we’ll be doing Monday morning at Lowe’s and Southern States for the new stalls. I filed some papers. I reorganized the notebook sections of my farm notebook. I also changed the outside box that the barn cat uses as a shelter.

90-day Get A Routine Challenge

I got messed up big time by staying up so late on day 19 building a makeshift stall for Chelsea and her new baby after we got back from work. I used day 20 as a resting day and rested in during part of the day on day 21. Bad for the routine, but I’ll be in bed by 10:15 tonight. Heck of an improvement over midnight (day 20) or 2 AM (day 19). Ugh. I’m hoping to use the time off from work over the holiday break to get more on track.

Day 18 – 90-day Home(stead) Improvement Challenge

Day 18 of the 90-day Home(stead) Improvement Challenge.

I did not do anything.