Do I Really Have To Network In Person?

This Self-Care Sunday, I’m starting a series on networking as an introvert. I work on talking to strangers when I’m out because I know I need that help, and am trying to work with my daughter about getting more out of her shell.

For this example, let’s use “Rachel.” Rachel had always been an introvert. She enjoyed running her online business and participating in virtual conferences and video chats. When she decided to give networking in person a try, she was nervous.

For her first event, Rachel attended a small conference and found she really loved it. Not only did her business grow as a result of participating in the conference, she also discovered the benefits of networking in person.

Magic Happens in Person

If you only do online marketing, you’re often left to guess many things, including the chemistry you have with another person. But in person events give you a chance to discover who you click with.

Often, you’ll discover more common ground at one event than you will in fifty online messages. That’s because messages can be carefully worded and edited repeatedly. While networking in person, you don’t have that luxury. As a result, you’re more likely to make genuine connections based on who you really are.

Partnership Happens in Person

Maybe you’ve had an idea for a new course that you’d like to create that’s been in your head for months. Maybe you’re listening to one of the event speakers while you dream up a new project idea. Maybe you’re participating in a mastermind session and another participant is so passionate about what they’re doing that you know you want to partner up with them in the future.

While it’s true that you can find partners online to share in a project, it can be fun and rewarding to partner with someone that you’ve had a chance to meet in person. You know their personality, their energy, and their style from spending time together at events.

Branding Happens in Person

It’s easy to think that your brand is simply the colors you use on your website or the logo that’s on your social media accounts. But branding is so much more than that. Branding is your personality and the way you communicate it.

When you attend in-person networking events, you get the chance to see your brand through fresh eyes. You might discover that you need to tweak your brand’s story so that it resonates with your customers. You might learn that you need to let more of your quirky personality shine in your content, something that’s scary to do online as well.

When you’re an introvert, in-person networking can feel scary. But it’s also exciting and can help you grow your business in new ways.

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