Ghirardelli Triple Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix Review??

I’m putting together some food gifts and thought these cookies looked great. Who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies? Don’t answer that if you don’t like chocolate chip cookies…

The box calls for 1 egg and 1/2 cup of butter for each mix packet. I had eggs (yes, we’re usually vegan, but we’re not perfect), but our previously-purchased butter was frozen so I decided to use applesauce. I read that applesauce can be used in baking in place of oil, so why not?

Did not turn out like I expected! The batter did not hold together well using the applesauce.

The cookies spread even more while baking.

Apparently, we are cookie-deprived because I made twelve cookies and we each ate three off the cooling rack. The flavor was great; we were very happy with the flavor. However, I noticed that the texture was kind of spongy. I don’t know if that was due to the applesauce, but I’m betting it was.

I took a butter out of the freezer today and will be “testing” another packet actually following the instructions. Using applesauce was fine for us eating our cookies, but I need something that will hold up in cookie tins to give as presents. Or maybe it’s just an excuse to eat more cookies. Don’t judge. I’ll post another review after I’ve made them with the butter.

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