Preparing Children For Evacuation – Link Love!


I saw a blog post called “How to Prepare your Children for an Evacuation” by itsamystery. In it she talks about introducing children to the ideas and practicalities of evacuating. She has a great idea–impromptu camping!

Impromptu camping is a great way to test out your evacuation box or tote as well as get the kids a little more prepared to be able to leave the house in a timely fashion if the need arose.

Another thing she brings up is important for the kids as well as the adults–exercise. She points out that kids (I’ll add adults, too) may not used to hiking or walking around for long distances with a backpack on. In both camping and evacuating, that’s not the time for the parents to be the pack-mules. Everyone needs to be ready and able to help out.

Overall, several good tips and a nice, quick read. Check it out!

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